• Nobuta wo Produce - 野ブタ。をプロデュース

    Shuuji est un lycéen populaire que tout le monde aime, Akira lui n'a pas d'ami car il est un peu étrange. Un jour, Nobuta arrive dans la classe. Elle est complètement renfermée et très timide, et devient le souffre-douleur de la classe.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka - グ レ ー ト テ ィ ー チ ャ ー オ ニ ヅ カ

    Eikichi Onizuka graduated from a third grade university, and sets out to become a teacher. So luckily, despite the fact that he is a zoku (thug), he is hired as a substitute in a high school.
  • Abarenbo mama - 暴 れ ん 坊 マ マ

    Ayu, a young woman with a strong character who grew up by the sea, has just married Tetsu who grew up in town. They both run a hairdressing salon together.
  • Juui dolittle - 獣医ドリトル

    Tottori Kenichi, nicknamed Dolittle, is one of the most knowledgeable vets, but one who has a reputation for being a crook, who thinks caring for animals is a business.
  • Gokusen - ごくせん

    Kumiko Yamaguchi, heiress of a yakuza clan, pursues her dream of being a high school teacher. The boys' school where she teaches does not have a good reputation.