• Nobuta wo Produce - 野 ブ タ。 を プ ロ デ ュ ー ス

    Shuuji is a popular high school student that everyone loves, Akira has no friends because he is a bit strange. One day, Nobuta arrives in the classroom. She is completely withdrawn and very shy, and becomes the class' scavenger.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka - グ レ ー ト テ ィ ー チ ャ ー オ ニ ヅ カ

    Eikichi Onizuka graduated from a third grade university, and sets out to become a teacher. So luckily, despite the fact that he is a zoku (thug), he is hired as a substitute in a high school.
  • Abarenbo mama - 暴 れ ん 坊 マ マ

    Ayu, a young woman with a strong character who grew up by the sea, has just married Tetsu who grew up in town. They both run a hairdressing salon together.
  • Juui dolittle - 獣医ドリトル

    Tottori Kenichi, nicknamed Dolittle, is one of the most knowledgeable vets, but one who has a reputation for being a crook, who thinks caring for animals is a business.
  • Gokusen - ごくせん

    Kumiko Yamaguchi, heiress of a yakuza clan, pursues her dream of being a high school teacher. The boys' school where she teaches does not have a good reputation.