Fauna of Japan

  • Fugu - ふ ぐ

    Also called sunfish or pufferfish, it is a fish that swells with water or air when it feels threatened.
  • Koi carp - 鯉

    The koi carp was introduced to Japan during the Chinese invasions in the 1800s.
  • Kabutomushi - カ ブ ト ム シ

    The Japanese rhinoceros beetle is a very popular insect in Japan.
  • Hotaru (Japanese firefly) - ほ た る

    The appearance of the firefly announces the arrival of summer.
  • Tanuki - 狸

    Also called raccoon dog, it looks like a raccoon but belongs to the canine family.
  • Saru (the Japanese monkey) - 猿

    The Japanese monkey (also called snow monkey), inspired the famous wise monkeys.
  • Ôsanshôuo (giant Japanese salamander) - オ オ サ ン シ ョ ウ ウ オ

    It is an amphibian native to Japan, the second largest amphibian in the world.
  • Iriomote yamaneko (iriomote cat) - イ リ オ モ テ ヤ マ ネ コ

    It is a subspecies of the leopard cat, discovered in 1967, which lives only on the island of Iriomote in Japan.
  • Toki (Japanese crested ibis) - ト キ

    The last wild ibis in Japan died in 2003. They are now found in captivity.
  • Tanchô (Japanese crane) - タ ン チ ョ ウ

    The Japanese crane symbolizes longevity and loyalty, hence its iconic side. 
  • Shiba inu - 柴犬

    The shiba is a breed of dog that originated in Japan.
  • Kuma (japan bear) - くま

    Black bears live in mountainous areas and hibernate most of the winter.