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Sika deer - 鹿

It is a cervid native to eastern Asia that is found in Siberia, Manchuria, China, Korea, Japan and some islands. In Japan, the most numerous populations are found in the east of the island of Hokkaido. More than a thousand of them live in Nara.
The sika deer is a deer with a hazelnut coat with small white spots. In winter the coat takes on a darker shade and the spots fade. It is slightly smaller than buckskin and has antlers that can exceed eight corns.
It is diurnal and lives in small herds of ten individuals, made up of females and young of the year. The males remain in small groups or solitary until the period of the raire.
They like mixed and bushy forests and can establish themselves in coastal areas, in the plains or in the subalpine stages.
They feed mainly on grass, grasses but also lichens, fungi, leaves, young shoots, wild fruits, and even bark in winter.

Cerf sika