Fugu - ふ ぐ

Also called sunfish or pufferfish, it is a fish native to Japan, which swells with water or air when it feels threatened, allowing it to appear larger. and bringing out small pikes on the surface of his skin. It also has very sharp front teeth, as powerful as those of a piranha.
It can measure up to 40cm and feeds on crustaceans. It is also a fish which has eyelids, to protect its eyes and eliminate dust, because it is used to going in the sand at the bottom of the water.

This fish is very famous in aquariums.


Fugu is very poisonous because it has tetrodotoxin in the liver, skin and genitals. There is no antidote, a person who ingests this toxin in large quantities can die in less than 6 hours because the toxin causes muscle paralysis followed by respiratory arrest. The toxic parts of the fish are therefore prohibited for sale.
There are fugu farms in which the fish do not have this toxin.

Despite its toxicity, fugu is nevertheless edible, however individuals and fishermen do not have the right to prepare it themselves. This fish must be cooked only by professionals, who have a license granted by the State, after having completed at least 3 years of training and passed a very difficult exam. Fugu is considered a refined dish, its transparent flesh is used to cook sashimi.

It is also a fish rich in marine collagen, used to make high-end anti-aging cosmetics.