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Iriomote yamaneko (iriomote cat) - イ リ オ モ テ ヤ マ ネ コ

It is a subspecies of the leopard cat, discovered in 1967, which lives only on the island of Iriomote in Japan. Very rare and difficult to observe in nature, it is also one of the most endangered felines. In 2007 there were more than a hundred.
The Iriomote cat has a gray-brown coat spotted with black, white lines running up its forehead, and two white spots behind the ears.
It has a thick tail and claws that do not fully retract. He is a little taller than a domestic cat, his limbs are thicker and muscular.
He has light amber eyes.
It is mainly active at dawn and dusk and lives alone.
It lives in humid forests and feeds on birds, rodents, amphibians or small reptiles and also fish and crustaceans. He is a very good climber and he can also swim. It sleeps in tree cavities or in caves, and marks its territory. 

Iriomote yamaneko