Momonga (Japanese flying squirrel) - モ モ ン ガ

The momonga is a rodent, also called the Japanese flying squirrel. 
They measure from 10 to 20 cm for only 100-200 grams, and live exclusively in Japan, the Pteromys momonga on the islands of Honshû and Kyûshû and the Ezo momonga in Hokkaido.
It is an animal that lives in trees, they build their nests, composed mainly of moss, at the crossroads between the branches and the trunk.
Several individuals of the same sex can be found in a single nest, except during the breeding season.
Mothers primarily care for their babies, but also those of others when they are elsewhere.
These small mammals are capable of gliding flights. They are silent in flight.
They are herbivores and eat mainly nuts, insects, wood, bark, flowers, fruits and seeds.