Saru (the Japanese monkey) - 猿

The Japanese monkey (also called snow monkey), inspired the famous wise monkeys, an Asian emblem representing 3 monkeys. The first covers his ears, another his mouth and the third puts his hand in front of his eyes.
We find this monkey all over the archipelago, apart from Hokkaido. 
They are the only species of monkey living in Japan and they mainly reside in the mountains. 
Helped by its thick fur, it is very resistant to cold and snow, which can be abundant in its habitat areas. In order to warm up during the winter season, Japanese monkeys sometimes take baths in onsen (natural hot springs).
These monkeys live in groups of several males and several females which can range from a few individuals to more than a hundred. Young females who have reached sexual maturity remain in the group, while young males migrate.
Their diet varies with the seasons, as they have to face very harsh winters. They are omnivorous and eat leaves, fruits and berries, flowers and buds, bark and roots, fungi, insects, ... They store food in their cheekbones like some rodents.