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Tanuki - 狸

Also called raccoon dog, it looks like a raccoon but belongs to the canine family of which it is the only representative to hibernate.
Mainly nocturnal, they are rather discreet and solitary animals and we do not observe a social structure as elaborate as in other canines, although some individuals appreciate the presence of their congeners. 
It is a food opportunist that feeds on carrion, eggs, insects, chicks, snails, small rodents, frogs, toads as well as mushrooms and berries.
During the fall, the weight of the tanuki increases considerably to allow it to build up reserves for hibernation. However, hibernation is not systematic since it depends on the temperature. If it does not drop below -5 ° C, they may remain active or only fall asleep for a few days. 
The range is restricted to eastern Asia and covers the Amur-Ussuri region in Russia, Korea, eastern China, Japan and northern Indochina.