• Tenki no ko (Children of time) - 天 気 の 子

    The young high school student Hodaka Morishima leaves his home on an isolated island to settle in Tokyo. Soon after, an extreme meteorological phenomenon hit Japan, the weather remains rainy day after day.
  • Kimi no na wa (Your name) - 君 の 名 は

    What mystery is hidden behind these strange dreams that unite two opposing destinies?
  • Uchiage hanabi - 打 ち 上 げ 花火

    One day, when a fireworks display is scheduled, Norimichi, Yusuke and their friends at school have a question that divides them: Are fireworks flat or round when they explode in the sky?
  • Mirai no mirai - 未来 の ミ ラ イ

    Kun is a little boy with a happy childhood until the arrival of Miraï, his little sister. Jealous of this baby who monopolizes the attention of his parents, he gradually turns in on himself.
  • Silent voice - 映 画 聲 の 形

    Shoko Nishimiya has been deaf since birth. Even with a hearing aid, she struggles to capture conversations, to understand what is going on around her.