Japanese fruits and vegetables

  • Mizuna (japanese leaf vegetable) - 水 菜

    Also called Japanese cabbage, it resembles arugula salad with its serrated leaves, with a slightly mustard flavor.
  • Yuzu (japanese citrus) - 柚子

    Yuzu is a citrus fruit produced in southern Japan.
  • Akebi - ア ケ ビ

    The akebi is an autumn fruit, purple-purplish in color.
  • Kaki - 柿

    It is the national fruit of Japan.
  • Hatsukoi no kaori ichigo (white strawberry) - 初恋 の 香 り 苺

    It is the most expensive strawberry in the world. 
  • Takenoko (bamboo shoots) - 竹 の 子

    Bamboo shoots are edible young shoots, often used in Japanese cuisine.