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  • History of sumo - 相撲

    The history of sumo is linked to that of Japan. The oldest written mention of sumo is found in a book from 712.
  • Rikishi training - 力士

    The training of sumo wrestlers (called keiko) is always early in the morning and very intense.
  • Food for rikishi - 力士

    The typical wrestler's menu is "chanko nabe".
  • Sumo tournaments - 場所

    There are 6 official tournaments taking place over a year. During these tournaments the rikishi fight all day.
  • Banzuke (ranking of wrestlers) - 番付

    The banzuke is a document listing the ranking of professional sumo wrestlers, which is published before each official tournament.
  • Intai (end of career) - 引退

    The end of a rikishi's career (called intai) is a major event.