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Food for rikishi - 力士

The typical wrestler's menu is "chanko nabe".
Chanko nabe is a mixture of fried chicken, potatoes, cabbage and boiled radish, to which we add carrots, mushrooms, tofu ...
Chanko is therefore a kind of stew, very fatty and very salty, but which remains fairly balanced.
The chanko is accompanied by a huge quantity of rice (sometimes noodles), various other dishes (fish fritters, meatballs, tofu pate, rice cake, ...), and sweet drinks (fruit juice, sodas ..).
The first chanko is served around noon, the incumbents eat first, the non-ranks then contenting themselves with leftovers.
This first meal is followed by a nap until mid-afternoon. This allows food to circulate slowly through their body, and they gain weight and fat.
The second meal follows the same process. Taken in the evening, around 7-9 p.m., it precedes the night's sleep, and also promotes weight gain. On average, a rikishi consumes between 8,000 and 10,000 calories per day.

Alimentation des rikishi
Alimentation des rikishi
Alimentation des rikishi